Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weather forcast

And now a look at the weather for tommorow................

The Banking crises and what caused. Not for the faint of heart.

Hey folks, some of you already know that about 14mths ago I predicted that there was going to be a major finacial earthquake that would take down a "top ten" bank. That bank is going to Citi Bank on top of the others that have fallen. On top of that last September there was this "sudden rush" to pump $700M into the banking system and that the US Treasury was asking Congress for a blank check with no strings. The video will explain what happened to cause the need and it "was not subprime mortgages" although they are still a problem. Say what you will, there are forces trying to take us down. Get out of debt, secure your family, have a modest stash of gold and stay liquid. Were gonna come back but I can tell you that some will not make it. I might add having a quality relationship with God is pretty good insurance.